Beep Bop Boop is Alien for "I Love You"

May 7-9 & 14-16 at The Opportunity Fund, Pittsburgh, PA


In this free, covid-safe, 15min interactive performance, the audience helps teach a curious alien all about what it means to be an Earth Human. The audience gets to lead the conversation, choosing from a variety of Human Subjects like Facial Expressions Lessons, Nice Memories, and Life Advice. Made for adults, all ages welcome.

​The actor stays inside a storefront window at all times, the audience remains outside, calling the actor on their cellphone. Only one ticket available per performance slot, so that the single audience person or small pod does not overlap with another group.

The aliens are: Micaela Corn, Taylor Couch, José Pérez IV

Directed/Created by José Pérez IV in collaboration with Taylor Couch


Local NPR did a story on the show!

BeepBop.NPR Story.png