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Audition Notice

Big Storm Performance Company is casting 12 performers for a new full-length dancetheatre production, “Or Forever Hold Your Peace”, performing in March 2022 at Big Storm Studio (Point Breeze North, Pittsburgh), Co-Directed by Taylor Couch and José Pérez IV. 7 speaking roles with variable dancing, 5 dance ensemble roles. Seeking actors who like to dance, and dancers who like to act. No formal dance training required, all bodies and all sizes welcome. Big Storm is committed to a process which is safe, fun, and supportive of mental health throughout, as well as maintaining a strict “no jags” policy. 

Show synopsis: Every wedding has its fringe characters and secondary drama. The sister of the bride is about to snap, the only guest who believes in love is a wedding crasher, the 13-year-old ring bearer has a mission, and everyone needs a change. Like a musical without singing, Big Storm brings you big dance numbers, big laughs, and really bad dating advice. 

Mandatory availability dates:

Tech: Sat Mar 5, Sun Mar 6

Tech Run: Fri Mar 11 evening

Invited Dress: Sat Mar 12, Sun Mar 13, Wed Mar 16 evening

SHOWS, 6p Call, 7p Show, 9p Release:

Fri Mar 18, Sat Mar 19, Sun Mar 20

Fri Mar 25, Sat Mar 26

Rehearsal availability: Rehearsals will begin the weekend of January 22. Performers must have general availability to rehearse weekday evenings and days/early evenings Saturdays and Sundays. The first 3-4 weeks of rehearsal, you can expect to be called for an average of 2-3 rehearsals per week. The remaining weeks leading up to shows, the cast will be called for an average of 4-5 rehearsals each week, always getting at least one day off. We’re aiming for a reasonably relaxed schedule, as many of us work full-time day jobs. 

Weekday evening rehearsals typically last 2.5hrs. Weekend rehearsals typically last 3-4hrs (with breaks). All rehearsals will take place at Big Storm Studio. 

Payment: For the entire process, at least $150 per speaking role, at least $100 per dance ensemble role. 

Covid safety: Everyone auditioning must be fully vaccinated by the time of their audition. Rehearsals will occur in a 1,4000 sq ft studio with limited air flow. Performers are welcome to mask during rehearsals, but it will not be required. We will be rehearsing scenes and dances in close proximity, frequently requiring physical contact. For shows, performers will not be masked, audiences will be required to mask and show proof of vaccination at the door, seating will be very limited, likely capped at 30. We are working to secure some basic air filtrations systems to run during shows and will be opening our studio door and running fans as often as possible throughout rehearsals and show weekends. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Sign up for an audition slot: Email to reserve a 1hour audition slot, please send 3 times in order of preference and we will let you know what is still available. Please come to auditions prepared to indicate on our audition form any known unavailabilities or conflicts you have with the mentioned mandatory dates and general rehearsal availability. Headshot and resume is welcome but not required.

Group auditions. You will learn a choreography segment, then be given script sides to read from; no need to prepare a monologue or movement piece. Auditions will take place at Big Storm Studio (6901 Lynn Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15208). Plentiful free street parking in area. Audition slots available:

Friday January 7




Saturday January 8





Sunday January 9




2:30p-3:30p    *Evening slots may be added if needed

Speaking Roles:

*Most roles are written for open casting, meaning that an actor of any race or gender can perform the role. Those roles with specific demographics (ex: MICKEY) are noted.

PLANNER - The wedding planner, who has worked like crazy for years, for some of the worst people. They are at the end of their rope and desperately want a change, so tonight they’re quitting.

STAFF - Not easily bothered. Doesn’t take the job very seriously, but still enjoys having a laugh with the guests. They inexplicably are all the staff at this wedding, mainly being a waiter, sometimes the bartender, sometimes the DJ - and anything else that is needed. 

JIM - A 13-year-old boy. Was made the ring bearer and he resents it. He’s tired of being seen as the baby of the family, he wants to be considered a man. Aggressively shy and unsure of himself around other people, to the point of full-on panicking. 

MICKEY - A white cis-man. One of the many male cousins. Very aggressive, very loud, very “fun”. Was raised in deeply conservative country. After a recent string of rejections, Mickey is now in the midst of some soul searching. 

EX - Ex of the bride, and they are not having a good time. Still holding onto a desperate hope that they can win back the bride, even though they had such a terribly dysfunctional relationship. A good person at heart, but so scared of being alone that their better judgment is clouded. 

SISTER - Older sister of the bride, was not made the maid of honor, and is clearly the lowest ranking bridesmaid. She is a kick-you-in-the-teeth kind of person, except when it comes to her family. Her sister, parents, and extended family all treat her poorly; making fun of her, belittling her, and openly comparing her to her “perfect younger sister”. 

CRASHER - A serial wedding crasher. Is in a loveless marriage that is breaking their heart, so they crash weddings to celebrate love, feel like a different person, and be free to dance and laugh. There is a wisdom in their wild abandon at these weddings; they can be the life of the party. But all of that is masking enormous hurt.

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Big Storm Performance Company is focused on spreading joy through original, highly physical theatre work that often leaves us feeling sweaty and silly. From funky solos to kick butt stage combat, Big Storm presents pieces whose content uplifts and that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience with the theater. Big Storm’s mission extends from the founding goal of creating a performance environment with flexible, sustainable processes that support our performer’s mental and physical health so people with chronic and severe struggles can stay involved, from auditions to performance, no matter how they might be doing. Supporting Big Storm is supporting joy, inclusivity, and spreading The Groove!


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