About Big Storm Performance Company

Big Storm Performance Company is focused on mental health, accessibility, and passing on The Groove. The Groove is our name for the good feeling you get when you’re jamming to music, that enlivening “under your skin” feeling of rhythm and movement, and we aim to spread it with everything we do. From our mindful rehearsal and performance processes to our aim to create works that connect with as many people as possible, regardless of their previous arts experience, Big Storm brings joy.

By only presenting original works, we create and perform what we connect with and makes us feel The Groove through highly physical, movement based pieces. We love incorporating safe, responsible moments of interaction as well as pieces that pull from multiple stage combat, dance, and theater disciplines in our work to deepen the experience without treading into dark waters.

This desire to provide meaningful, positive experiences stems from our founding desire to create a company that meets our performers and audience members where they are. In an industry that often alienates and excludes, we have created a space where all are welcome and those who want to participate can. Along with our sustainable processes, Big Storm is a zero judgement, body positive zone that elevates the strengths of each of our performers and knows that movers come in all shapes, sizes, and with all kinds of needs. Rather than force our performers to fit into a mode and model, we embrace the outside lives and struggles of everyone who works with us and reward honest communication with change.


Meet Our Team


José Pérez IV

Co-Founder, Artistic Director

José Pérez IV is a fight choreographer, theatre maker, teacher, and performer. An Advanced Actor Combatant with The Society of American Fight Directors, he holds an MFA in Performance Pedagogy from the University of Pittsburgh and a BFA in Drama from NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing. José has made theatre in a moving car (Orlando Fringe), on the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, and totally without permission for the Met Museum of Art NYC.

Taylor Couch

Co-Founder, Team Health Specialist

Taylor Couch is a Teaching Artist and performer who specializes in creative movement, arts-integrated learning experiences, and Early Childhood Education. With an MA in Drama and Performance Studies from the Queen's University of Belfast and a Bachelor's in Education and Developmental Studies from IUP, Taylor is interested in the impact performance can have on everyday life. Some of her favorite past projects include a month-long residency focusing on teaching gentleness through dance concepts in a local infant and toddler classroom, developing intergenerational arts experiences for elderly adults with dementia and their families.